Prepare a meeting on time

send the agenda items at least one week before the meeting


for organizers and meeting members

Send the decisions and the action items the next day after the meeting

than you keep everyone involved.


Several partners offer OurMeeting as a part of their service.
They all have a strong position in their market segment.
Thanks to this, you keep dealing with you own and trusted partner.

Start with the main item

and indicate the purpose and the available time for each section.


Our customers about OurMeeting.

OurMeeting invests in cocoa trees in nicaragua

8.335 pages (one side) are enough for 1 tree.

Tree for a Tree

Less paper use is an often mentioned advantage of
digital working. With Ourmeeting we do not only save trees.
Paperless meeting contributes to the initiative Sustainable Forest Plantations Peru.
of ClimateProjects.
OurMeeting: Not only saving trees but also planting new ones!


Download the OurMeeting App and experience the convenience of paperless meetings!